futon redemption
Create beautiful color palettes with your photos.
Motivator Maker
Create funny motivators and share with your friends.
My Location Widget
Get the address of where you are right now. Without the creepy tracking.
Wifi on Call
Automatically turn on Wifi while you're on the phone so you can talk-and-surf.
Bluetooth on Call
Automatically turn on Bluetooth while you're on the phone.
Because that's the only time you need it.
Widget Preview
Allows developers to create preview images of their widgets.
(Based on the stock android tool.)
Volume Widget
A widget for changing the volume. Useful for adjusting alarm or music playback.
No Lock Screen
(deprecated) Prevents the lock screen from activating.
No longer useful in Android 4.0+ because it's a setting.
Beryl Library
for Android
A set of additional functions to help with Android development.
String Resource Translator
for Android
Automatically converts string.xml from English to many other languages.
No longer works since the Translate APIs are no longer free.
Link Expander
Expands short urls on the fly so you know where you're going.
Arch Linux for GCE
Bleeding edge Linux distro for the Google Cloud.
There's more to come. But for now, I'm feeling tired and need some bacon.